Specialist Report Requirements

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Students applying for Valley Hope School under the criteria regarding classification on the Autism Spectrum must provide a current report from a specialist medical practitioner or registered psychologist with appropriate clinical experience that details the nature of the student's disorder. Documented evidence must indicate a developmental disability affecting the verbal and non-verbal communication and social interaction that significantly affects the child's ability to learn in the school context. There must also be information provided of a functional assessment consistent with the diagnosed disorder.

Students applying for Valley Hope School under the criteria regarding Intellectual Disability within the moderate range of impairment will also need a specialist report.

Criteria for diagnosis of Moderate Intellectual Disability requires the student to have a full-scale IQ score between three and four standard deviations below the mean on an approved individual intelligence test. This must be supported with additional information on a formal assessment of adaptive skills and school performance (where applicable) that is consistent with or below that range of score.

Students who are diagnosed with a Mild Intellectual Disability may also be considered for enrolment to Valley Hope School. Please contact the school and an appointment can be arranged to discuss this further.