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In their own words...

We are so thankful for the support that we receive from our parent community.


Our daughter attended the Valley Hope Christian School for 5 years of her high school education.   We were lucky enough to have her start at VHCS on day one of the school opening.  Prior to attending VHCS we had struggled to find a school that was able to provide an education for students with additional needs, in a supported learning environment.   

From the moment we first visited the school, we were welcomed with open arms and understanding hearts.  We were so impressed at the way the school was structured with supportive staff and individualised educational programs.   The teaching and support staff were just amazing and went out of their way to make sure our daughter was not only learning at her level,  but was happy and secure within herself.  She caught the VHCS bus to and from school which was something she previously was unable to do.  It made all the difference to her confidence to achieve this task on her own.   She attended excursions and sports days and even went on the school camp.  These were things we never thought she would be able to do, and enjoy.

The school has grown considerably since our first involvement there, and this is proof of the great work they are doing.  Our daughter graduated from the VHCS with her HSC Life Skills Certificate.  This was such an achievement for her and something that may not have been possible without the VHCS behind her.  The school not only supported our daughter through her educational journey but also our whole family.

Sarah and Josh

Mainstream education was failing to meet the needs of our two boys who are on the autism spectrum. Big class sizes and an inability to be flexible meant our kids just weren’t a priority, and they were struggling to the point they hated going to school and negative behaviours were escalating.

Then Valley Hope came into our lives. The staff worked with us to form learning plans that actually engaged our boys, incorporated their specific interests and their learning styles. Small classes meant teachers were able to give our kids the support they needed to not only grow but to flourish. Most of all, the teachers and staff truly cared about the wellbeing of our kids and us as a family.

Our boys now love going to school. They have friends and come home excited to tell us about their day and what they have been doing. It’s an extraordinary difference, and we’re grateful every day for the amazing work the teachers and staff at Valley Hope do with our boys.


I am a Mother of two young boys with ASD and other learning difficulties. Prior to enrolling with VHCS my family and I were struggling with our boys being  in a mainstream school system. I felt so isolated as a parent and our boys did not like school and felt like they did not belong.

Fast forward to now and I cannot believe how many positive changes have occurred for our family in such a short period of time since making the change to VHCS.

Our eldest son has gone from not wanting to go to school everyday to saying “Hey Mum, I love my school SO much, I wish I could go on weekends too!”.

Our youngest son who previously could not read or write is now beginning to do both and is excited to learn! And personally for me, I never expected to feel so welcomed. Not only by all of the staff of VHCS, but also the other parents who have gone out of their way to get to know me. I no longer feel isolated as a parent and our boys have a sense of belonging.


Our son was diagnosed with ASD and ADHD at a young age. From the time he started school he has always struggled to cope with the academic and social requirements of a mainstream school, and thus has continued to fall further and further behind his peers.

Our son attended three mainstream schools within a period of seven years, but none were able to adequately support his additional needs. Thus, our search continued to find somewhere that would allow our son to blossom.

Listening to the radio one day whilst driving, we happened to hear about an open day at Valley Hope Christian School. Knowing our son was to start high school the following year, we took it as a sign that maybe this might be the school for him.

We attended the open day with our son and immediately felt welcomed and supported. The staff were warm and understanding about our son's needs, and interacted with him in a way that made him feel like he finally belonged.

Our son has been attending Valley Hope for two years now. The small class sizes and teacher to student ratio has greatly benefitted our son. His reading and writing abilities have significantly improved, along with his understanding of social cues and peer interaction.

The staff interact with students to find their interests and make school a safe and happy environment.

Since our son has been attending Valley Hope, he actually wants to go to school, he loves being there. That says everything!

Our son has had amazing opportunities, including representing the school interstate for Cross Country and attending the Vivid Festival.

Valley Hope and it's amazing staff, have not only given our son the tools and confidence to grow, they have also supported us as parents to feel empowered, through organised information nights, get togethers and community events.

Make the time to come and meet the staff and experience Valley Hope for yourself. I truly believe there is no better!


Valley Hope school has been the best educational decision of my son's life and I am beyond grateful for everything the school and teachers have done for him.