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Adademic with Non-Academic

Differentiated and comprehensive life skills in a tailored learning environment

Your child has the opportunity to complete their education and develop their whole self into the person God has made them to be at Valley Hope Christian School.


A Comprehensive Approach

At Valley Hope your child will receive a differentiated and comprehensive curriculum in a tailored learning environment. Due to our partnership with Pacific Valley Christian School we are able to offer the unique benefits of a large mainstream school experience: a combination of Special Education and General Learning. Your child will be able to participate in activities and events at our sister School next door and form valued friendships there.


Meaningful, Relevant, Engaging

Our comprehensive education program for Years 1-12 is based on the NSW curriculum. Learning experiences consider the diverse needs and abilities of each student and are designed to be challenging and achievable. Your child will work individually and in small groups with constant support. In Years 7-12, some students have programs based on NESA Life Skills outcomes, whilst others work towards outcomes aligned to their current stage, or above/behind their current stage level.


Beyond The Classroom

Co-curricular activities are an important part of our teaching regime. They help your child to develop their natural giftings, build their confidence, improve social interaction skills, become more independent and make lasting friendships. At Valley Hope we offer a variety of opportunities including excursions, camps, kayaking, becoming a barista in our coffee van and dance or music at our OneMaker Academy. Music is a popular choice for our students as it enhances their creativity and helps them to reason think, problem solve and communicate.

The Whole Child

Holistic Development

At Valley Hope we believe that each child – including yours - is created uniquely by God and has their own character, giftings and future. We seek to develop all aspects of your child not just their academic abilities. We are just as much focused on spiritual, emotional, social, physical and cultural growth. We also want your child to identify their God-given talents and grow them and find ways to use them to serve others in the School and in the community.


Embracing The Digital Age

We take full advantage of the latest digital technology so that we can personalise and differentiate materials for each student. This enables us to deliver rich learner-focused teaching. Your child will be provided with a digital device to use each day in their lessons. We do allow them to access specific applications and websites and we maintain a safe digital environment by continually monitoring the Internet.