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Tailored Education Plans

Individualised Learning

Valley Hope Christian School is a caring and supportive NESA Registered Years 1-12 school for students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or moderate level of Intellectual Disability.

Tailored education

To help your child receive a thorough education we develop an Individualised Education Plan (IEP) which is based on a number of factors including their interests, needs, abilities and curriculum expectations.


The IEP is done in consultation with parents, care givers and ideally specialised professionals. We work together as a team. We will continue to work closely with you throughout your child’s education journey at Valley hope.

Focus on specific areas

The purpose of the IEP is to guide decisions related to your child’s progress in academic, non-academic and life skills. It focuses on areas specific to their needs such as educational learning, social skills, communication and behaviour.

Goals and strategies

Your child’s IEP will include appropriate short-term and long-term goals, strategies and outcomes specific to their development. It will also feature individual methods to monitor and assess the achievement of those goals.

Specialist Report

To help us assess your child, so that we can develop their appropriate IEP, we will first require a Specialised Report. This applies to children under the criteria regarding Intellectual Disability with the moderate range of impairment as well as those under the criteria for Autism Spectrum.

Formal Assessment

Diagnosis of Moderate Intellectual Disability requires your child to have a full-scale IQ score between three and four standard deviations below the mean on an approved individual intelligence test. This must be supported with additional information on a formal assessment of adaptive skills and school performance (where applicable) that is consistent with or below that range of score.

Autism Spectrum

If your child is applying for Valley Hope under the criteria for Autism Spectrum we will require a current report from a specialist medical practitioner or registered psychologist with appropriate clinical experience that details the nature of your child’s disorder. Documented evidence must indicate a developmental disability affecting the verbal and non-verbal communication and social interaction that significantly affects your child’s ability to learn in the school context. We also require information of a functional assessment consistent with the diagnosed disorder.

Want to Know More?

We invite you to book an appointment with our Registrar to discuss the Specialised Reports in more detail.